Maximize The Value Of Your Existing Database


Cobalt Media Group offers you the best eMail Append and Email Reverse Append products in the industry.


Our new Cobalt Media Group eMail Append solution enables us to match more of your database’s customer names and physical addresses to corresponding email addresses and lifestyle characteristics. Our improved Email Reverse Append program offers the same impressive solution for enriching your database, in you guessed it – reverse. Our massive Opt-in email database and commitment to technology allows us to produce the highest match rates in the industry and offer marketers meaningful results.


The Challenge.

You’ve spent years building your offline customer base. You’ve built a great database containing all of your customers’ information. Now you want to take advantage of the efficiencies of email to execute relationship marketing campaigns and build online relationships with your customers… but you don’t have their email addresses!


The Solution.

Utilize Cobalt Media Group Email Append to add email addresses to your existing customer files and increase the effectiveness of your database. With your new Online Customer Database, you can capitalize on the cost savings and effectiveness of email to build relationships with your customers.


Our Cobalt Media Group Email Append Solution Offers Marketers:

> The largest Email Append database in the industry, with more than 350 million unique email addresses, attached to over 200 million postal records .

> Average match rates of 15-30% for consumer files and 15-20% for B2B files.

> Extended Address Verification. Our capabilities allow us to match a record that has an outdated postal address because we have up to 30 years of residential address history.


The Cobalt Media Group eMail Reverse Append Process

While some companies have been focusing on traditional direct mail and building an offline database, many companies have been capitalizing on the power of the Internet, capturing the email addresses of their Web site customers and subscribers.  Unfortunately, many of these companies know nothing more about these individuals other than their email addresses.


Our Email Reverse Append service provides household data to companies interested in obtaining more information about their online customers. This process will allow you to append a vast amount of information to your email records, including name, address, age, income, gender, marital status, dwelling type and much more.


Cobalt Media Group Email Append & Reverse Email Append will allow you to:
> Build new revenue opportunities
> Dramatically increase traffic to your Web site
> Save money (email marketing costs a fraction of direct mail or telemarketing)
> Yield a substantially higher response rate than traditional mail or telemarketing efforts
> Determine results almost immediately
> Learn more about your customers’ lifestyles and demographics
> Use Cobalt Media Group custom analytics to maximize email ROI (or response rates)
> Capitalize on new direct marketing channels
> Increase the lifetime value of your database


Do you know your online customers?

Focus can tell you what you need to know.

To effectively market to your customers, you need to know who they are. Many companies have a good understanding of their customers, but do you really understand how your online and traditional offline users differ? A File Overlay is an incredibly powerful tool that profiles your customers by demographic characteristics, leisure activities, hobbies, interests and geography. The report will compare your verified online customers to the rest of your customer base and to the Cobalt Media database. A Report can be easily incorporated into your email append.


The Report will:

> Show you how your online customers differ from your traditional customer base.

> Help you determine how to effectively market to your online customers.

> Help you identify the best places to spend your online acquisition dollars.

> Support your global marketing and advertising decisions.


Contact your Cobalt Media Group’s Append Sale Representative to receive a sample Report.


Enrich your Online Customer Database with Data Enhancement

Many companies have effectively utilized data enhancement to target their offline marketing campaigns. Now you can have the same proven techniques to increase the performance of your online marketing campaigns. By utilizing Cobalt Media’s eMail Append, we can not only help you reach your customers through a new channel, but also tell you where they live, what they earn, and what they enjoy doing in their spare time. Data Enhancement has over 700 data elements that can be utilized. Best of all, this can be processed at the same time as your eMail Append…so you can start sending the right offers at the right time to the right customers.


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