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Precision direct marketing solutions for online and offline campaigns

Cobalt Media Group has the core competencies to creates
and implement a single or end-to-end digital marketing
solution that will help your business succeed.

No matter how large or small your project is, we know
each email we send deserves nothing less than our
utmost attention to every detail.

grow your Business

Brand Recognition

With Online & Offline Targeted Data

Email marketing

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Identify and Communicate With Prospects and Attract New Users


Email Marketing and Email Appending / Data Overlays are just a few of the custom tailored services that we offer. Cobalt Media Group, is a leading provider of precision direct marketing solutions for online and offline campaigns. We have accomplished this by creating divisions which are the known leaders within their individual area of expertise. Our unique and effective programs enable marketers to identify, target, reach, and build relationships with online and offline consumers. Our multichannel marketing platform enables our clients to achieve superior marketing results by successfully combining online and offline efforts. Our expertise allows marketers one-stop shopping to achieve their direct marketing objectives and exceed their expectations.



Email Marketing & Deployment

Whether you want to reach a few thousand or a few million, we are the “inbox” experts.


Email Appending & Data Overlays

We have over 400+ attributes of data that we can add to your existing database.



List Hygiene & Verification

Start the process with NCOA, CASS Standardization, PCOA and Geocoding.



Business to Business

B2B Data databases double in size almost every year. We have more than 80 million unique business contacts.




Political Campaigns

Are you seeking to identify the decision making process within a specific group of demographics?





Purpose-driven email campaign to prospects in the viable sales reach of your dealership.



Quality Client Experience:

We listen to your needs and requirements and will offer you the most effective solution to attain your goals. We are all about building long term clients and friends.


We employee the industry’s best technology experts. We keep them locked up and only provide them with Red Bull and M&M’s.

Unique Solutions:

We apply innovation and “out of the box” thinking to every client that we accept. We welcome opportunities and challenges.

High Standards:

Our motto is “CANI”, consistent and never ending improvement. We have the Kaizen touch!


Cobalt Media Group has the core competencies to create and implement a single or end-to-end digital-marketing solution that will help your business succeed. We know that the marketing and data landscapes are constantly evolving with new technologies that present new channels for interacting with customers. We are proud of the fact that we are a proven industry leader with over 20 years of experience and that we are able to assess and exceed your short-term and long-term solutions. Our unique resourcing, strategy and campaign-level solutions are designed to give you the market advantage and penetration your business needs to succeed. We balance thinking “big” with thinking pragmatically, helping you create and deliver best-in-breed campaigns, strategies and processes.   43 South Powerline Road #532   Fort Lauderdale, FL 33069